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When the officer starts noticing that some of the soldiers are taking long trips in the woods when they should be in the base, he decides to investigate the case because something fishy is happening here. They might be spied who are giving out military information to the other side.

He doesn’t waste the time and goes straight in the wood to spy on his soldiers. He spots them in the near by and hides behind a tree keeping a distance to see what are they up to. Imagine the surprise when he sees that the soldiers start kissing and undressing each other. He can’t believe his eyes but he decides to stay still and see what happens next. The horny soldiers take out their hard big cocks and starts sucking off each other, then they lay down on the ground and start pounding each other’s ass. The officer gets turned on and he starts rubbing his cock, then he takes it out of his pants and jerks off until he shoots his load. If you want to see some horny frat guys getting fucked, go to and have fun. Don’t forget to come back and watch how this officer decides to discipline his horny soldiers. See you soon


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