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Naked Soldier – Hot and Horny

Another week swung by and we have yet another fresh naked soldier porn update for you to see. In this gallery we bring you the horny dude with his addiction once more. Yes, it’s the guy that came on himself twice so far for you, and once he got cot by his superior and made to run some laps. Well today he is at it again and he seems to be tempting fate quite often. Why? well today his superior is doing rounds to inspect the barracks, and well, let’s just say that this nakedsoldier will have to be quick about his addiction.

He’s going to have to go fast and hard in his masturbations session, before the commander comes to his place. So without any more delays, sit back guys and watch this stud as he strokes his cock fast and hard for your enjoyment. Watch him working his dick as best as he can so that he may blow his jizz on himself once more before the inspection arrives. We’d like to remind you to take a look at the past updates as well, you may just fine some awesome scenes. And we guarantee that you won’t be disanointed. If you liked this scene check out blog and have a fun watching other guy jerking off his big tool.


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Naked Soldier Porn Scene

Another fresh week and time for one more fresh naked soldier porn update today, wouldn’t you agree guys? Well this fine week we bring you another next door male that had his chance to appear solo before. This time he returns as it seems that he got drunk with fame, and all of the guys love to see him stripping. Watch as he shows off his impressive penis once more for your viewing pleasure and do take the time to analyze every picture of him closely guys. You won’;t want to miss a single one as you know how hot this stud looks.


As his scene starts off once more, he takes the time to do his usual and pose around all horny and sexy. He’s going to do something a little extra for today, and you can imagine what that implies. After he takes off his clothes he will put on a very nice and hot masturbation nakedsoldier show for you guys to see. So enjoy it and see you next week. We want to say that we held true to our claim to bring you the sexiest and horniest army dudes in every update, and to repay us you just have to keep enjoying the content guys. Bye bye!

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Naked Soldier – Jizz Fest

This week we bring you one more awesome update with a naked soldier guys. Seems that even though he got a scolding and a rough punishment last time he did this, this stud is not going to give up his hobby that easily. In case you can’t recognize him, it’s the dude from the very first update, and today he’s going back to his old ways as he plans to spend one more afternoon enjoying himself all alone in his room in the barracks just like in militaryclassified videos. Let’s just hope that this time his superior won’t be around to do another inspection shall we?

As the nakedsoldier scene starts, he takes off his pants to reveal that cock. And then he starts to play around with it until it gets all nice and hard, and it’s ready for some hard and fast stroking. You’ll get to see the hunk as she does his usual routine, going fast and hard on his dick until he cums on himself for your entertainment and his pleasure. Watch him closely guys and don’t miss any one of the pictures he brings you today. We’ll see you once more next week as usual. Until next time guys, enjoy the show!


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Horny Soldier

Hey there once more dear viewers. We’re back once more this week with another naked soldier update and we have one horny hunk this fine day. He’s going to be putting on quite the show as he practices his little fetish for the day and you get front row seats to it. You see, this private here has a very intriguing fetish, and you will get to witness it in today’s gallery of brand new pictures. Every now and then he likes to jerk off like all guys do, but like the guys from boy spy cam videos, he likes to do so while watching the other guys shower through his binoculars.


So yeah, in this nakedsoldier scene you get to see this horny stud as he practices his little fetish today. We can guarantee that you’ll simply adore his scene. Watch him as he takes his usual spot, and then see him as he takes his cock out, as he starts to look through the specs, he’s all ready to start his show. So without further due, sit back and watch him as he masturbates fast and hard for your viewing pleasure today guys. We’ll be leaving now but not before reminding you to stay tuned for our next updates. See you next time!

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Naked Soldier – Gay Fuck

Hey there once more guys, we return with once more with another superb naked soldier update this day. And this gay sex scene will seem very familiar to you. Why you may ask? Well remember a few updates ago when we showed you a pair of horny studs that got to spend the afternoon fucking as they were off duty? And how they took the time off to enjoy themselves? Well the pair returns today and they have more to show off. This time they were suppose to instruct the recruits on their jogging session but they seemed to have other plans.

In this sexy and hot nakedsoldier scene you get to see them as they ignore their duties as they just let the guys do their thing. And they go to their special and secret place where they can fuck as much as they want without anyone disturbing them. So watch them start off as they jerk off one another to get themselves nice and hard. Then you get to see them acting like the good guys they are as they take turns to penetrate one another’s tight butt holes. Enjoy everyone and come back again next week for some more!


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Army Hunk Stripping

Another fresh week and time for one more brand new naked soldier update today. In this one we bring you a rather burly and horny army dude that will show off his goods for you. The guy in question is quite a show off and before he joined the army he regularly did this sort of thing. Well his buddies don’t know that and they’re aiming to make him strip for their cameras today. They think he’s a total newbie, but joke’s on them as even you will see the level of professionalism that this guy proves as he undresses and starts some cock worship action for your viewing pleasure today.


As the cameras start rolling this superb nakedsoldier starts off his little striping session. The guys keep cheering him on and they whistle at him as he poses around taking off item of clothing after item of clothing. So you yourself need to take some time off and enjoy his show as he shows off his big cock. Take the time to watch all of his superb pictures as he undresses today and do come back next week for some more. We’ll also have some treats in store for you very soon in the form of some videos guys. Goodbye and see you next time!

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Naked Soldier – Gay Fun

This week we bring you one more naked soldier update for your viewing pleasure. In this one we have a group of three guys as they plan on having some fun for your viewing pleasure today and as you might imagine they will put on quite a show for you to see. It all started with them joking around and sure enough they made a bet. All three hot guys participated in it and it involved doing a rather difficult trick regarding some of their army tools. Sure to say each and every one of them failed, and as a punishment you’ll get to see what they had to do.

The conditions for losing this nakedsoldier bet was that they’d have to stand up, take their cocks out and start jerking off for the others to see. Well it seems that the guys got too much into it as very soon the trio was jerking off and enjoying themselves while watching the others do the same. So sit back and watch this awesome jerk off marathon with all of them today. So watch this scene and enjoy yourselves everyone. We’ll come back next week with some more fresh content, and so we’ll see you then. Bye bye!


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Outdoor Fucking

Today naked soldier returns once more with some fresh scenes for you to see. In this update we bring you two very horny hunks as they seem to have found some time to spend together this fine day. The two muscle guys are army guys as you may already know, but these two have a little secret. And that is that they have found love in this all male world. And the two always seem to find the time fuck together no matter what everyone else is saying. They sneak out some times and go to some secluded places where they won’t be disturbed.


As this lovely nakedsoldier scene starts off you can see the guys are already outside and going at it with some passionate kisses to start things off. Then they take their clothes off as they reveal their cocks and spend a good deal sucking each other off to get themselves nice and hard for the next part. So sit back and watch them as they take turns to fuck each other in the ass in this fine day today. We have to take our leave for now guys, but as always we’ll be back next week with some more fresh content for you to see!

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Naked Soldier – Fat Cock

Hey there once more everyone. In this naked soldier update we have a pretty quick scene to show off as we couldn’t get any more material until next time. In this one we have to show off this horny dude’s big tool as he took the time to photograph it and send it to his boyfriend back home. He wants to show him that the cock is still in fine shape and it just can’t wait to get off duty and have permission to return home. It’s just aching to penetrate a tight ass. So let’s sit back and watch this nakedsoldier update everyone!

This whole deal started as the dude back home asked for this soldier to send him some naked pics of him as he misses his hot and shredded body. Well the guy can’t really prance around naked as he takes pictures of himself, but he would have time to show off his penis. So without further due, sit back and enjoy his pictures today everyone. He managed to take pictures of his cock from every angle and you can bet that his boyfriend back home was very satisfied with this. See you soon everyone with more fresh pictures! If you liked this update check out blog and find some great gay sex videos.


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Naked Soldier – Caught in Action

Hey there guys, naked soldier returns once more for another fresh gallery update. Remember the horny stud you saw last week in our galleries? Well today he makes another sweet return as he plans to spend the whole day enjoying himself since he was free for the whole time. So our sexy soldier deiced that he’d start off this relaxing day with some more jerking off sessions. But everything went down the drain when he had an unexpected visitor midway through his jerk off session. Let’s see just what happened shall we guys!


It seems that his superior was checking all the barracks to see if everything is in order and when he came to this nakedsoldier ‘s quarters he would be in for quite a surprise. As the door opens bluntly, the stud’s solo masturbation session comes to an abrupt halt as the commander can’t believe his eyes. Watch as the guy tries to hide the fact he’s been jerking off. But the other guy knew exactly what was going down. See as he’s forced to run some rounds around the field without his pants as punishment today for what he did! Also you might watch some czech hunter free if you wanna see other hot gay guys jerking off!

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